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The NoVOC team met again to discuss the project progress

On February 13 and 14, 2024, we had our second General Assembly meeting and virtually met for 2 half days to discuss our project progress since we last saw each other in October last year ad the premises of Cidetec in beautiful San Sebastián, in Spain.

The leaders of our scientific work packages, Mattia Giuliano, Guiomar Hernández, Syed Muqurrab Ali Zaidi, Dr. Nicolas Bucher, and Romain Chane Ki Chune, provided updates on their teams' progress and we engaged in enlightening discussions on various topics including coating, wet and dry processing, silicone and graphite availability, and more. We've also spent some time catching up and reconnecting with our glorious peers.

As always, we welcomed NoVOC "newbies" to the team, who introduced themselves at the beginning of the meeting and were warmly greeted and integrated to our group.

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