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Month 18 virtual General Assembly meeting

February 21, 2024|

The NoVOC team met again to discuss the project progress On February 13 and 14, 2024, we had our second General Assembly meeting and virtually met for 2 half days to discuss our project progress since we last saw each other in October last year ad the premises of Cidetec in beautiful San Sebastián, in Spain. The leaders of our scientific work packages, Mattia Giuliano, Guiomar Hernández, Syed Muqurrab Ali Zaidi, Dr. Nicolas Bucher, and Romain Chane Ki Chune, provided updates on their teams' progress and we engaged in enlightening discussions on various topics including coating, wet and dry processing, silicone and graphite availability, and more. We've also spent some time catching up and reconnecting with our glorious peers. As always, we welcomed NoVOC "newbies" to the team, who introduced themselves at the beginning of the meeting and were warmly greeted and integrated to our group.

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First Battery Heroes workshop

November 9, 2023|

First Battery Heroes workshop: stay tuned for TRA2024! On the 4th of October we did our first workshop with our clustering group, BatteryHeroes. 🔋💪 Together with representatives of our sister projects BatWoMan, greenSPEED EU Project and GIGAGREEN project and hosted by our dear Iratxe de Meatza at the premises of CIDETEC we brainstormed, inspired each other. Specifically, we worked on what to bring to the TRA conference, and ultimately came up with a great plan for an engaging workshop including the key experts and challenges of the battery field. 🔋 💡Have you heard about this event? 🚙The Transport Research Arena (TRA) takes place in Dublin, the 15th to the 18th of April. And is the foremost European transport event. Don’t miss it! 👀

NoVOC Annual GA in San Sebastian

October 31, 2023|

NoVOC partners reunited for the 14 Month GA in San Sebastian On October 3rd and 4th we held our 14 Month General Assembly hosted by CIDETEC in the beautiful San Sebastian. We had two days of project updates, engaging discussions and inspiring working sessions, whwre we generated ideas for the life cycle assessment and discussed the whole battery life cycle from the celldesign to the recycling. One of the highlights was also an evening of pinchos through the beautiful historic center of San Sebastian 😍. Follow us on Linkedin and Twitter.

NoVOC second Newsletter available

September 21, 2023|

NoVOC second Newsletter published Welcome back to the 2nd issue of our NOVOC newsletter, published on our Linkedin channel!! 🗞️🔋 On a bi-annual basis, we will publish insights into our daily collaboration within our 17 partners Horizon Europe funded project. Here’s what you’ll find in this issue: What we did last summer - latest updates on the project activities Who we collaborate with - meet the "Battery heroes" Where you find us - future events Learn about our first results, the Battery Heroes team, and our next events HERE. Follow us via NOVOC to not miss the next issue!

Release of first NoVOC official video

August 3, 2023|

First official video of NoVOC project has been released on Youtube We are very proud for the release of our first NoVOC project official video!! 🎥 👏 In an animated style, we explain how the novoc project aims to create a sustainable battery  manufacturing process, which will bring Europe to the forefront in cutting edge and safe production technologies for future lithium-ion batteries. 🔋🔋 Check it out on Youtube 👉

NoVOC – newsletter issue no1 published

July 6, 2023|

NoVOC first newsletter published! We published the 1st issue of our NOVOC newsletter on our Linkedin channel!! 🗞️🔋 On a bi-annual basis, we will publish insights into our daily collaboration within our 17 partners Horizon Europe funded project. Here’s what you’ll find in this issue: Who we are. And what we do. - a quick overview of our aims and methodology. We produce results. - some first results We work together. - an insight into our daily work Learn about our work, about us, and our first results HERE. Follow us via NOVOC to not miss the next issue!

Launch NoVOC website

November 23, 2022|

The NoVOC website has been launched in Dec. 2022 Learn about the NoVOC project, get to known the consortium, what we do and more by exploring our new website!

NoVOC project kicks-off in Sweden!!

November 23, 2022|

In September 2022, our new NOVOC project started with a Kick-off meeting in Stockholm at the premises of RISE Research Institutes of Sweden. NOVOC (eliminating VOC from battery manufacturing through dry or wet processing) implements an entire innovation cycle by calibrating the needs of automotive end users, transferring these to battery manufacturers and the leading battery R&D teams and component producers for the development of novel components, and finally closing the cycle by involving a recycling plant for the recycling and harvesting of low and high value components at the end-of-life. What a great start into 4 years of collaboration within the scope of the NOVOC project!! We are very excited to start working with this enthusiastic, experienced and fun group of people! 🥳


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